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Welcome to Clinic 2000

The Obesity and Laser clinic

Clinic 2000 in the Eighteenth year of operation has been treating thousands of Over weight individuals successfully . Clinic 2000, the only medical center for Over weight in South India, is headed by a " Bariatric Physician " ( a specialist in over weight management ), who is assisted by a plastic surgeon , endocrinologist , group of nutritionists and a behaviour therapist .

This way Clinic 2000 is making a comprehensive approach towards treating the Obese successfully.


c2k peel

“Age is inevitable – Ageing is not” - the philosophy of to days anti ageing medicine. At some point, all of us will look in the mirror and see a difference in our reflection, notice the skin changing its suppleness, shine and glow. You find fine lines are appearing over your forehead making you realize that you are ageing.Your skin starts ageing from your 20’s and it requires maintenance, to keep it looking supple.

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Laser hair removal before and after

To day's woman - She is intelligent, conscious of her looks and actively involves in all kinds of sports, and likes to wear all kinds of clothes. But it gets embarrassing when dark coarse hair appear in places like face, neck , abdomen , neck , breasts , under arms or arms.Hence preventing her from wearing bathing suits, shorts, minis and sleeveless clothes.

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Face lift before and after

Thermage - For a younger , tighter & smoother looking skin. As we age, the effects of gravity, sun exposure and the stresses of daily life can be seen in our faces. The results of facial aging are deep facial creases and folds, jowls, loose skin and fat around the jaw line and neck. While one can't stop the aging process, it can be arrested and reversed to a certain extent. Thanks to "THERMAGE"

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News & Events

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