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Obesity Treatment

Obesity Treatment

Obesity means accumulation of excess fat on the body. Obesity has been recently classified by WHO as a disease, like high blood pressure or diabetes...

Skin Treatment

Skin Treatment

Energy from the Therma Cool Radiofrequency generator is delivered to a probe tip, which is equipped with a cooling spray, computer chip and sophisticated...

Hair Treatment

Hair Treatment

In today’s world lasers and micro waves have invaded our lives right from home to office and to hospital . Different Lasers have different applications in the field...

Clinic 2000 – The Obesity & Laser Clinic

Clinic 2000 in the Eighteenth year of operation has been treating thousands of Over weight individuals successfully.

Clinic 2000, the only medical center for Over weight in South India, is headed by Bariatric Physician ” ( a specialist in over weight management ), who is assisted by a plastic surgeon , endocrinologist , group of nutritionists and a behavior therapist .

This way Clinic 2000 is making a comprehensive approach towards treating the Obese successfully…

From Times of India 31st Aug 2016


Meet our Medical Specialist

Dr.Ravindranath Reddy

Dr . Ravindranath Reddy an alumni of the Kakatiya Medical college & Gandhi Medical College Graduated from Osmania University in 1978 with First Class in M.B;B.S;. He did his Internship & Senior Residency in Gandhi Hospital.

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What patients say About Clinic 2000

Clinic 2000 is Multi-Speciality Clinic in Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad. The first bariatric physician ( Dr Ravindranath Reddy V - Specialist Doctor in Over Weight/ Obesity ) treatment in south india and medical cosmetologist .

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    I chose Clinic2000 to lose my weight as I know the treatment is free from side effects and I am safe in a Bariatric Physicians hands & I lost 9.5 Kgs

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    I had been overweight my whole life, pretty much, and tried a lot of different diets and all kinds of exercises. I had been on appetite suppressants and was able to lose, you know, a decent amount of weight about 8 Kgs, but I had gained all of that back, and so just once we researched this and all the information with Dr. Reddy, and through the websites, and books and everything, it just felt like this was something that it was going to be a really good .