Permanent & Painless Laser Hair Removal

To day’s woman – She is intelligent, conscious of her looks and actively involves in all kinds of sports, and likes to wear all kinds of clothes. But it gets embarrassing when dark coarse hair appear in places like face, neck , abdomen , neck , breasts , under arms or arms. Hence preventing her from wearing bathing suits, shorts, minis and sleeveless clothes.In the battle of man v/s hair , till date it is hair that had the upper hand. It would grow where we least wanted it and it would not appear where we need it most. To combat these unwanted hair a state – of – the art laser medical equipment has been developed , tried and tested extensively for years by the Wellmann laboratories of the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston , USA which is affiliated to the Harvard University which is considered to be the No.1 University in the world.

PAIN LESS & PERMANENT LASER HAIR REMOVAL: After meeting it’s stringent quality controls, extensive human studies The Food & Drug Authority of the U . S Government (F.D.A) has approved this E Plus Diode laser for PAIN LESS & PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL.Clinic – 2000 is the only Medical Center in South India that has installed this Laser. E plus Laser is the world’s most advanced treatment for hair removal the E Plus diode laser system developed by Syneron Medical Systems , USA . This laser has a proven and unmatched track record of its ability to treat darker skinned clients. We come across many lasers and non-laser light sources that are being used for hair removal in the market , but none of them are FDA and CE cleared for permanent hair removal. This is the best technology currently available.The beam of laser light targets the pigment contained within the hair follicle below the skin surface. The laser energy is selectively absorbed by the pigment ( Melanin ) in the hair follicle and hair shaft, which disables the hair’s growth center. The chill tip of the Laser stabilizes the surrounding skin leaving it unaffected. The hair follicles in the anagen (growth phase) are the darkest and absorb the most energy, these follicles are the best target and achieve optimum results in the form of complete hair removal . Because not all hairs are in this stage at one time, multiple treatments may be necessary.

Traditional Hair Removal

Waxing : This procedure involves placing hot wax on the skin letting it cool to an appropriate temperature, and pulling off. This results in removal of the hair for 4-6 weeks. It can cover large areas. Unfortunately, you must have very visible hair for this treatment to be effective. It can be painful and some people have allergic reactions.

Shaving Razor and Electric Shaving: These are simple, but temporary solutions. Requiring daily maintenance (sometimes twice daily). Some people never can achieve a hair free look (5 o’clock shadow). It does not affect the coarseness, thickness, growth rate or cycle.

Tweezing : For most clients this is not an option due to the time consuming tasking of plucking hairs one at a time. This would not be an option for large areas.

How does E Plus Diode Laser Treatment compare with Electrolysis or Probe Technology?

Electrolysis is a tedious , time consuming , invasive and painful process that involves inserting a needle in to each hair follicle and delivering electrical charge to destroy them one at a time.

It requires months and years of treatments at regular intervals, even to treat a small area like the upper lip. You can guess as to how many years it takes you to get rid of your unwanted hair from your arms. In the process it becomes very expensive too, where as laser treatment costs less than half the money spent on electrolysis and it is FASTER & WITH E plus LASER IT IS PAIN LESS TOO. ABOVE ALL IT IS ECONOMICAL IN COMPARISON . The risks of electrolysis include electrical shock , infection , pitting and very often scarring those very areas you wanted to beautify. If proper care and sterilization is not taken Electrolysis can spread deadly diseases such as AIDS and other infections. Because of these reasons, Electrolysis is abandoned all over the world, except few beauty clinics in India. As Electrolysis has become unpopular , some of the beauty clinics still run it under the name of ” Probe Technologies !” The E Plus laser delivers light energy non – invasively to hundreds of hair follicles simultaneously. So , in few minutes , E Plus can effectively treat an area in minutes , that would take hours with electrolysis.

If the speed of electrolysis can be compared to a snail , Laser is like a rocket.

What’s so special about E PLus Diode Laser?

Not all the lasers, such as Ruby, Alexandrite and other lasers, are suitable for the Indian skin types. More so for the darker South Indian skin types. E Plus Diode laser specifically with 100 milliseconds pulse width is developed to suit the white skin as well as the darker Asian skin types, so that it can protect the skin while treating with the laser.

Hair removal should not mean a clean shave kind of appearance as can be seen with any other hair removal methods such as threading, waxing, shaving and Electrolysis. E plus Laser hair removal is different from any other conventional hair removals in the sense it removes only the unwanted dark colored hair and retains the natural looking skin colored hair, giving a natural look to you. In the process it enhances your appearance and beauty.