Lots of people who are weighing 5 to 6 Kilos above their permissible limits are keen on knocking off that extra overweight. Those people do not require a full fledged weight reduction treatment. In such cases here at Clinic 2000 We take up them for Diet Planning and counseling. In this process a scientific approach starts with assessing the individual’s height, weight and age. Further his dietary habits and life style is noted which is followed by the Computerized Body Composition Analysis test. This test lets us know as to what is the individual’s body’s fat %, lean body mass ( muscles, soft tissue and bones ) % and water %. Assessment of these things helps in calculating the tissue energy requirements, through which a tailor made/ customized diet is planned and advised. Further the required life style modifications are suggested. This systematic approach helps in arresting further weight gain of the individual and precipitates gradual reduction of his/her weight. They are advised to come for regular check ups and interactions with the Bariatric Physician and the Dietitian once a month where in the necessary changes in diet and life style modifications are made till the desired weight is achieved. It’s a very cheaper and most convenient way to achieve the weight loss. In the last 28 years we have helped thousands of moderately over weight patients to reach their ideal weight by diet planning and life style modification.