Hair Care Treatment Offered by Clinic 2000:

Understanding your hair loss is crucial. A confidential hair loss evaluation from Clinic 2000 is the essential first step. We offer evaluations for both men and women to help you explore your treatment options. This convenient service will help you determine the cause of your hair loss and identify the best treatment options.

The evaluation, which lasts 30 to 60 minutes, involves a thorough assessment by our expert clinicians, who will evaluate your hair density and health, considering any other relevant factors. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn about the causes of hair loss and preventive measures.

Meet our Medical Specialist

Dr . Ravindranath Reddy an alumni of the Kakatiya Medical college & Gandhi Medical College Graduated from Osmania University in 1978 with First Class in M.B;B.S;. He did his Internship & Senior Residency in Gandhi Hospital.

Dr.Ravindranath Reddy

Bariatric Physician, Medical Cosmetologist and Laser Medicine Specialist

How Can I Get Started?

Understanding the various causes of hair loss is crucial. Your doctor will perform a thorough evaluation to pinpoint the exact cause of your issue. This may be done in an office setting or require more extensive testing. The goal is to identify and address the underlying cause of your hair loss. Treatments may include medications, nutritional supplements, and/or surgery.


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How Much Does It Cost?

Clinic 2000 offers a free, confidential consultation to discuss your individual needs and concerns. During the consultation, our experts will help determine if your issue is medical or cosmetic and recommend the appropriate course of treatment. Additionally, we offer discounts on all our products.


Hair Loss Treatment Services

a. Hair Transplantation

Kolors Healthcare provides state-of-the-art hair transplant services in India. Our hair transplantation solutions are among the best in the country, addressing various scalp and balding issues.

b. Hair Strengthening

Clinic 2000 offers a deep hair strengthening treatment that combats thinning and breakage, fortifying your hair from within and promoting optimal growth and strength.

c. Anti-Dandruff Treatment

After a comprehensive hair examination, Clinic 2000 provides the finest Anti-Dandruff Treatment, targeting underlying scalp issues such as itchiness and dryness, while strengthening hair follicles.

d. Anti-Hair Fall Treatment

Our Anti-Hair Fall Treatment is expertly designed after extensive research, offering unmatched efficacy. This treatment penetrates hair follicle roots to promote natural hair growth. Additionally, Clinic 2000 provides a nutritional chart and cleansing plan to support healthy hair growth.

Service Recipient Says

I have been suffering with pimples for 4 years, tried so many home remedies but of no use. Been to a local skin specialist, got some amount of relief but the pimples kept on coming back. Tried Super peel treatment at Clinic 2000. Now my Face looks clearer and free from pimples and black spots in 5 sessions of treatment. Thanks to the wonderful treatment

G. Laxman Siddipet

I never thought that it is possible to have such a good improvement on my ageing face in one hour’s treatment

Dr .Lalitha , Gynaecologist E.G Dist

I had E plus face lift about 8 months ago and I find that my sagging skin around the jaws has disappeared, unbelieveable !!!!

G .Bapiah Tirupathi

My tummy that was sagging after the delivery is tighter and the stretch marks also have reduced. Thanks to Tummy by E plus laser treatment at Clinic 2000. Now I can wear my Sarees without being shy

V .L .Anuradha Hyderabad

I was advised Laser Face lift treatment by my sister who lives in New York. Though I was sceptical before going in for the treatment , I am amazed the way I look now. I look younger and my skin is tighter on the face. Thanks to Dr . Reddy & Clinic 2000 for making me look younger

C .JeevanaJyothi Bangalore

I am 35, but used look like 45 yrs old. This could have been due to my sun exposure and stress levels. I went in for Skin rejuvenation treatment and I am very happy about my decision. I look like my age and some say I look much younger than my age

K .Sreedhar Hyderabad

Thank You Clinic 2000 for making me look younger by years

Rachana Hyderabad

Loose skin around my Jaw Line used to make me look aged, resulting in loss of lot of modelling opportunities. Thanks to C2K Peel treatment my skin is brighter, complexion is better and I look younger. Ended up having good opportunities in modelling and small screen

Rishitha Chennai

I am 55 yrs , but always looked like 65. People never used to believe my age. Now after C2K Peel treatment at Clinic 2000 also people do not believe my age, because I look like 45 yrs now at 55. Thank you Dr.Reddy

Shobha Naidoo Secunderabad

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