The technology of beauty continues to advance, offering non-surgical solutions for some of the most hard to solve cosmetic dermatologic problems. For many years, people suffering from dark spots on the face and  the butter fly shaped pigmentation that is seen on the cheeks and nose (melasma), or a build up of melanin that creates blotchy, discoloured skin, had no safe and effective options to reduce them and even out their skin tone. Same way people who had sun damage to their fore head too could not find a satisfactory solution to their woes.
“Super Peel”, an innovative, staged treatment is now available that offers a formidable relief in all these cases.
“Super Peel” , which is combination peel is an effective way to reduce the amount of melanin in the skin, and is compatible with all skin types. It’s safe to use on most types of skin discolorations, Pigmentation conditions such as brown spots, blotchy skin, or acne blemishes or dark spots due to pimples. Some have sun damage on the fore head and loss of complexion due to continuous sun exposure. In all these cases Super Peel is very effective in reducing the sun damage and pigmentation and restoring the complexion and improving the skin glow. Many patients report a more vibrant skin complexion once the treatment has removed the dull outer skin layers.
The active ingredients in Super Peel inhibit the formation of tyrosinase, a basic enzyme in the melanin formation process. Without tyrosinase, the melanin molecules that discolour your skin are broken up before they can even form. Patients may see up to 80% reduction in Pigmentation spots and blemishes. You may require 6 to 8 sessions of Super Peel with an interval of  3 to 4 weeks to get good relief from Pigmentation, Sun Damage and Improvement in  the Complexion too.
Charges for Pigmentation/Melasma by Super Peel Depend upon the Extent of the area to be treated. They Start from Rs.1900-00 Per Session for A Smaller area, for Full Face the Charges will be dependant upon the Depth of the pigmenation and extent. Taxes Extra.