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Disclaimer: Person following our program, The Results varies from person to person and case to case as per there Metabolic rate, Commitment, age, gender, lifestyle & Medical history.

I have tried so many methods to lose weight and went around lots of Clinics for weight loss, but I could hardly lose any weight and the little I lost I used to gain it back immediately. It’s after meeting Dr. Reddy at Clinic 2000, I could find out the reason for my weight gain. I have lost more kilograms on this treatment. Feeling healthier and fitter, I am quite confident that I will be able to maintain this weight as it has been a gradual weight loss and fat loss – Raghavender – Nacharam

  • Thank you for helping on my journey to weight-loss and accomplishing my goals – Sujita, Guntur
  • Thank you for helping me through the weight- loss program and for giving me the confidence to guide me through it – Dr . Deepak, Hyderabad
  • “I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the program. My son, age 19, just started it 4 weeks ago and he’s lost more kilograms. We are extremely happy with the change that you have brought in his appearance and attitude – G.V.L. Krishna Rao
  • Clinic 2000 is more advantageous and quick results, I lost more kilograms – Akhila . K , Karol bagh , Mehdipatnam , Hyderabad
  • I opted for Clinic2000 as it was suggested by my Physician and I have lost more kilograms of my weight in one course – G . V . Suryanarayana – Vijayawada
  • I opted to lose my weight at Clinic2000 , because it is the only Clinic that is run by a Bariatric Physician & I lost more kilograms of my weight through fat loss which I could see my self in the before & after body compostion tests – V . Jaggiah , Kothapet , Hyderabad
  • I lost more kilograms of my weight . Thanks to my family doctor who has referred me to Clinic2000 for weight loss – S . Srinivas Rao , Manager , Good Lands, Tarnakaa , Hyderabad
  • I chose Clinic2000 to lose my weight as I know the treatment is free from side effects and I am safe in a Bariatric Physicians hands & I lost more kilograms – Ch . S . P . Sarada – Vidyanagar , Hyderabad.
  • I’m 43 years old,I would like to give you a brief testimonial about how was my health before and after the surgery.
    Before I weighed more kilograms, suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure, so I had to take medications for these 2 health problems.
    I decided to do something for my health, and I contacted Clinic2000. That telephone call has completely changed my life: Now 8 months after the treatment at Clinic2000 I weigh more kilograms, I lost more kilograms. of my weight and I feel like I’ve been born again, I’m not taking more medication because everything is controlled (diabetes, hypertension) and hoping to reach my goal, that is to reach more kilograms.
    I wish to give thanks to Clinic2000 team, especially to the Dr. Ravindranath Reddy, for being so kind me, and also to the people who is working in Clinic2000 in making my dream come true.
  • My name is —- and I think that the moment when I knew that it was something for me was when my husband started talking about his weight loss and the prospect of him having treatment at Clinic2000. We researched a lot about what it meant, how it changed your life, and it just seemed everything was very positive, that our life together would go in a positive direction, health wise.
  • I had been overweight my whole life, pretty much, and tried a lot of different diets and all kinds of exercises. I had been on appetite suppressants and was able to lose, you know, a decent amount of weight about more kilograms, but I had gained all of that back, and so just once we researched this and all the information with Dr. Reddy, and through the websites, and books and everything, it just felt like this was something that it was going to be a really good .
  • We had tried everything that we could try so I think at that point we said let’s go forward and it was going to be a real life change. And it has, you know, it really helped us change everything. I have lost more kilograms of my weight in one course of treatment 2 Yrs ago and it remained that way . This I am writing after my 8th periodical follow up they do at Clinic2000 ( once in 2 months ) after the weight loss course of treatment. Now We exercise a lot, we are very active, I feel very healthy. Now there’s just a confidence about me. Just a lot of things that, you know, before you were always very aware of, now it’s just, you know, you’re able to enjoy life.

Dr. Reddy’ss staff has been wonderful. I’ve told people, you know, this is–their staff is so informative. You will be a very informed patient during, and after the treatment, and they were all very welcoming. It has been a great education at Clinic2000 about what to eat , what not to eat & how much to eat . It has improved my knowledge about nutrition.

Disclaimer: Person following our program, The Results varies from person to person and case to case as per there Metabolic rate, Commitment, age, gender, lifestyle & Medical history.

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