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Treatment of obesity in hyderabad

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The Clinic-2000 is the Medical Center for Obesity treatment in India.It is managed by Dr. Ravindranath Reddy, a Bariatric Physician ( The Only Specialist doctor in Obesity treatment in South India ) and Medical Cosmetologist with an Experience of 19 Yrs in Obesity Treatment and Weight Management. In conjunction with CelloTherm Medical Treatment, a planned and balanced diet and behavior modification Clinic 2000 ensures that you achieve the targeted weight loss along with health and aesthetic benefits associated with weight loss. As the weight loss is through fat loss there is no possibility of any side effects even in the long run. Thus weight loss through Fat loss is sustainable and maintainable. Because of It’s Unique Computerized body adaptation system, the fat is lost all over the body and wherever the fat is more , the reduction will be more resulting in automatic figure improvement and Skin Tightening. There will be no need to go in for any Tummy Tucks , Massages , Figure improve Treatments, body treatments or any skin tightening treatments, thus saving you precious time and money. Obesity treatment program of Clinic-2000 gives amazing results in patients who are committed and follow the instructions and treatment given. Clinic-2000 ensures the long term weight loss maintainance through regular follow ups.

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