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Clinic 2000 in the 28 years of operation has been treating thousands of Over weight individuals successfully .  Clinic 2000 has been treating Skin and Hair related problems successfully according to the International FDA and CE approved protocols with the latest Laser Equipments and Peels  .

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Weight Loss ! Is it always fat loss?

Weight Loss ! Is it always fat loss?

Weight Loss without Side Effects

In the recently held 12th International Congress on Obesity in March 2014, at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia startling facts about the man made disaster of Obesity were revealed by the Bariatric Physicians and reasearchers from all over the world. Dr. Ravindranath Reddy, M.D of Clinic 2000 Ltd was the Bariatric Physician from India who attended the conference. He has been involved in the research and management of Obesity and Over weight since last 20 Yrs. He revealed some of the details about the conference.

  1. Q) What exactly is Obesity ? How do you define it ?

A ) Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have an adverse effects on Physical as well as Mental health, leading to reduced life expectancy and/or increased health problems to the individual.

  1. Q) Is obesity and ‘diabesity’the same?
  2. A) The WHO has classified obesity as a disease and at the 10th international congress on obesity held in Sidney, Australia, where in I represented India. In that Congress it has been renamed as “diabesity” because obesity is a major factor that induces diabetes.

Q ) How is the Overall situation of Obesity in the World ?

  1. A) It is alarming ! World over the number of obese have gone up by 6 % in the last decade. The recent figure as estimated by World Obesity Federation, which is a part of WHO, at the 12th International Congress on Obesity shows that 2.3 billion people out of the 7.2 billion population of the world are either over weight are obese. If the Individuals, the community and the governments do not act sooner ,we will be spending as much money in treating the complications of obesity as their salaries. We will be losing the productivity and Man hours due to the absence from work due to the obesity induced complications such as High Blood Pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, Sleep disorders and Heart problems.
  2. Q) What are the risks of being obese? How far non conventional treatments are helpful?
  3. A) The world over, doctors are advising their patients to lose weight in order to reduce the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack, brain stroke, cancer and sleep apnoea. Most often patients go for treatment to Non Medical clinics run by people with no professional training in the field of weight management, thinking that any obesity clinic can treat obesity, is an illusion. The weight lost through non medical vibration treatments is due to the loss of precious lean body mass , which can result in osteoporosis or damage to the  Heart Muscles which will be realized years later.Obeisty 1
  1. Q) How far dieting helpful for weight loss? What can be the right way to tackle obesity?
  2. A) The right way to tackle obesity is to achieve weight loss through fat loss, and not through precious lean body mass (muscle & tissue) or water loss. A bariatric physician is the medical expert to treat obesity. The process should be gradual and sustainable. Just as a cardiologist is trained to treat heart ailments, a bariatric physician is the medical expert to treat obesity.
  3. Q) How different is the treatment at clinic 2000?
  4. A) Bariatric Medical Centers like Clinic 2000 are run by a Bariatric physician associated with a Plastic surgeon, an Endocrinologist, Nutritionists and a Behavior therapist. Thus a comprehensive scientific approach to treat obesity.medical experts follow advanced medical procedures such as “cellotherm”that results in satisfactory and maintainable weight loss. Here the emphasis is “ Weight Loss through Fat loss”, which is free from side effects.
  5. Q) How do you ensure it is only Fat Loss?
  6. A) In order to assess whether the weight lost is through fat loss or not, Clinic2000 conducts Computerized body composition Analysis test, which is the gold standard in assessing body composition. The test is done prior to the treatment course and repeated on completion to know whether the weight lost tallies with fat loss? It almost tallies 100% . In one course of cellotherm treatment, spread over 12 sessions, a person loses about 10 to 12 kilos of fat. Automatic figure correction and Skin tightening are highlights of this treatment. Clinic 2000 stresses on patient education, and regular follow ups to help them maintain their weight for years.

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