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Weight Loss Treatment in Hyderabad

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Over weight is a problem for many on the contrary Under weight is indeed a problem for some. When some body is under weight it affects their morale and when they look in the mirror they rarely appreciate what they are looking at. To add fuel to the fire people around them keep on talking about weight first and the other things next. When every one around start talking about their weight the under weight individual ends up being Inferiority complexed too. To add to this, under weight definitely has certain health problems associated with it, such as reduced body resistance which can lead to frequent cough, cold, fever and other ailments. At Clinic-2000 we do take care of people who are underweight and make them attain their optimal weight and stabilize at that level for the last Twenty Six years. In order to treat under weight, first the individual’s health history and diet history is obtained. Subsequently he is advised get certain blood tests and X – rays done if necessary.

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